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Dear Guests,

Presently we are taking enhanced health and safety measures throughout the resort to help maintain a clean, safe and conformable environment for our valued guests, staff, members and visitors. For your safety and that of others, please adhere to all posted rules, signage and instructions during your stay with us. Compliance with social distaining, hand washing and sanitizing and similar instructions will be of primary importance.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is highly contagious, potentially deadly and may result in serious illness, injury or death. There is an inherent risk of coronavirus/Covid-19 exposure anywhere people are, or have been present. The CDC (Centre of Disease Control and Prevention) has indicated that certain people may be at greater risk, namely elderly and those with compromised immune system and other underlying conditions. However, young and healthy people may also suffer severe illness, injury and death and should therefore take precautions.

As a condition of visiting Ocean Point Resort & Spa and using any of its services, facilities and amenities, you VOLUNTARELY AGREE TO FULLY ASSUME ALL RISKS related to Covid-19 exposure. You further AGREE that you SHALL NOT SUE OTHERWISE HOLD LIABLE the resort, its owners, employees, agents, insures and any relevant tour operators, travel agencies and travel agents including without limitation Ocean Point Resort & Spa for any Covid-19 related illness, injury, death, losses or damages of any kind or nature whatsoever.

The Assumption of Risk and Covenant Not To Sue applies to all guests and visitors including but not limited to any minor children for whom an adult guest or visitor is a parent, guardian or is otherwise responsible for. This Assumption of Risk and Covenant Not To Sue shall be LEGALLY BINDING. Should any guest or visitor bring a claim, suit or any other action in violation of this provision, the claim, suit or other action shall be DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE (meaning permanently dismissed) and all costs of dismissal, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, shall be borne by the party who wrongfully brought the claim, suit or other action in violation of this Assumption of Risk and Covenant Not To Sue.

Please understand that without this Assumption of Risk and Covenant Not To Sue it would be nearly impossible for the resort to operate under the current circumstances. We do not like legal jargon any more than you do, and we look forward to the day (hopefully in the near future) when all of this goes away. In the meantime, we feel it is only fair that you are fully informed and allowed to make the best possible decisions for you and your loved ones.

We greatly and very sincerely appreciate you and your business and we look forward to providing you with an excellent Caribbean Holiday. Thank you!

Ocean Point Management